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Monday, April 30, 2012


I woke one afternoon during a lazy hol nap when my dad came up with nshss letter pronouncing i would get scholarship and honour on paying 3500 rupees in our country money.
I was excited initially.
But this other part of my brain told " Why would anyone have to take money to honour you?"
When i googled the true picture came to limelight.
A Scam can have its own website seemed scary to me.
But the moment i typed NSHSS, It appeared in the options as NSHSS SCAM.
Surprised and terrified, Life had never been kind to anyone and this was yet another of its rude sides, i thought.
Only,After an hour did i thanked god for making me realise NSHSS is a scam.
Never cheat students for god's sake.I certainly condemn college board for leaking out our details. SATs for the better.Not the worst.
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